Virginia Interstate Exits

Traveling on the interstate in Virginia? Click on the interstate shields below to find out which exit to take.

Click a shield for a list of exits.

I-64 exitsInterstate 64 crosses more than 300 miles from the Virginia / West Virginia line in the Allegheny Highlands to Hampton Roads.


I-264 exitsInterstate 264 is about 13 miles long and runs through the cities of Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.


I-464 exitsInterstate 464 is about six miles long and connects Interstate 64 in Chesapeake to I-264 in Norfolk.


I-564 exitsInterstate 564 is about three miles long and runs from I-64 to the U.S. Naval Base in Norfolk.


I-66 exitsInterstate 664 runs from the I-64 / I-264 interchange in Chesapeake to I-64 in Hampton. It is bout 18 miles long.


I-66 exitsInterstate 66 covers 75 miles from the northern Shenandoah Valley to the Washington, D.C., suburbs in northern Virginia.


I-77 exitsInterstate 77 runs more than 65 miles from the Virginia / North Carolina line to the Virginia / West Virginia line.


I-81 exitsInterstate 81 crosses more than 320 miles through western Virginia, from Bristol, Tenn., to just south of Martinsburg, W.Va.


I-381 exitsInterstate 381 is about 1.5 miles long and connects Interstate 81 with downtown Bristol.


I-581 exitsInterstate 581 is about seven miles long and connects Interstate 81 to downtown Roanoke.


I-85 exitsInterstate 85 crosses more than 70 miles from the North Carolina line to Petersburg.


I-95 exitsInterstate 95 covers more than 170 miles from the North Carolina line to Maryland.


I-195 exitsInterstate 195 is about 3.5 miles long in the city of Richmond and runs from the I-64 / I-95 interchange to the Downtown Expressway interchange.


I-295 exits

Interstate 295 runs about 53 miles around the cities of Petersburg and Richmond. It begins at I-95 in Prince George County, just south of Petersburg, and ends at I-64 in Short Pump, just west of Richmond.


I-395 exitsAbout 10 miles long, Interstate 395 runs from the I-95 / I-495 interchange in Fairfax County, through the city of Alexandria and Arlington County, to the Washington, D.C., line.


I-495 exitsInterstate 495 in Virginia runs 22 miles from the Washington, D.C. line with Alexandria to the Maryland line near Bethesda. It's part of the Capital Beltway.


Page last modified: Jan. 31, 2023