Recently Completed: Chesterfield/Powhatan - Route 711 (Robious Road/Huguenot Trail) Widening and Bernards Creek Bridge Replacement

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The purpose of the project was  to widen Route 711 (Robious Road/Huguenot Trail) between Route 288 and the Chesterfield/Powhatan County line. The bridge over Bernards Creek was also replaced.


The project will improve safety and reduce congestion by widening Route 711 from two lanes to four lanes and adding bicycle lanes. In addition, a sidewalk will be added to the Bernards Creek bridge.

Major Milestones 

Construction was completed in June 2019.


Contact Info:

Robert Poutier

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Phase: Complete

Lat/Long: 37.557684, -77.677423

Locality: Chesterfield and Powhatan

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Page last modified: Feb. 12, 2020