Recently Completed: New Kent - Route 60 Paving

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Rt. 60 (Pocahontas Trl.) in New Kent County has approximately 76 lane miles. It is about 19 miles long with 38 lane miles in each direction.

Prior to the 2018 paving season, pavement conditions on Rt. 60 in New Kent were rated as 68.1% sufficient and are currently rated as 98.2% sufficient.

Recently Completed:

VDOT performed paving operations on five sections totaling 21.08 lane miles on Rt. 60 in New Kent County in 2018.

  • Rt. 60 west between Rt. 657 (Foxwell Rd.) and Rt. 652 (East View Ln.), approx. 4.86 lane miles- Completed October 2018

  • Rt. 60 west between Rt. 652 (East View Ln.) and W. Layfield Dr., approx. 2.46 lane miles- Completed October 2018

  • Rt. 60 east between the two Rt. 629 (Blvd Rd.) crossings, approx. 2.88 lane miles- Completed October 2018
  • Rt. 60 east between Rt. 615 (S. Mountcastle Rd.) and Rt. 629 (Blvd Rd.), approx. 3.86 lane miles- Completed June 2018
  • Rt. 60 east between Rt. 249 (New Kent Hwy.) and Toe Ink Ter., approx. 7.02 lane miles- Completed May 2018


Coming Soon:

Beginning with the westbound segments below, VDOT will start concrete patching operations in October 2019. Concrete patching will continue through early 2020 and resurfacing operations will begin on these segments in spring 2020 after cold weather subsides.

  • Rt. 60 east between the Henrico County line/Chickahominy River bridge and Rt. 249 (New Kent Hwy.)

  • Rt. 60 east between E. Toe Ink Ter. and Rt. 615 (S. Mountcastle Rd.)

  • Rt. 60 west between Rt. 640 (Old Roxbury Rd.) and Rt. 657 (Foxwell Rd.)


In addition to these focus areas, maintenance crews are working to improve the ride quality of Rt. 60 throughout the year as issues arise.  Anyone with questions about the project or VDOT's paving program should call 1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623) or visit


Once completed the project will increase safety and ride quality within project limits.


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Phase: Complete

Lat/Long: 37.458640, -77.095912

Locality: New Kent

Page last modified: Feb. 12, 2020