Recently Completed: Richmond - Intersection Improvements at I-195 and Laburnum Avenue

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Some of the major improvements completed during this project are:

- Replace the existing intersection of Laburnum Avenue and Interstate 195 south with a roundabout.

- Construct a separate left turn lane at Interstate 195 north and Laburnum Avenue.

- Improve beautification of the intersection by installing landscaping. 

Intersection Improvements at I-195 and Laburnum Avenue in Richmond


The primary purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow through the area during peak travel times, eliminate prolonged periods of delay and improve safety within the project limits.


Contact Info:

Brian Ramsey
(804) 585-3579

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Phase: Complete

UPC: 109311

State ID: U000-127-969, P101, R201, C501

Federal ID: NHPP-5A27(674)

Lat/Long: 37.583838, -77.474299

Locality: Richmond

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Page last modified: April 16, 2021