Under Construction: Richmond - I-95 Corridor Improvements

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The below shows a collection of multiple projects along the Interstate 95 corridor throughout the Richmond District that will improve safety, traffic movement and modernize existing assets and information technology infrastructure.


Project listing

Spring 2022: Intelligent transportation systems (ITS): low bridge warning system - Install a low-bridge warning system to five approaches in the Richmond-Petersburg area

Spring 2022: Maury Street interchange improvements - Improve interchange at I-95 and Maury Street by constructing a roundabout

Winter 2022: Belvidere Street interchange improvements (southbound) - Realign the on-ramp merge from NB and SB Belvidere Street onto SB I-95

Complete: Belvidere Street interchange improvements (northbound) - Extend the acceleration lane on I-95 north/I-64 west

Complete: Laburnum Avenue interchange improvements - Improve interchange at I-195 by constructing a roundabout

Complete: Hermitage Road interchange improvements - Extend the deceleration lane

Complete: Overhead signage improvements - Upgrade overhead and guiding signage along I-95/I-64 overlap

Complete: Franklin Street interchange improvements - Extend the Franklin Street exit ramp to increase capacity

Complete: Intelligent transportation systems (ITS): device deployment - Add device deployment between the James River Bridge in Richmond and the City of Petersburg

Complete: I-95/I-295 lane re-assignment: I-95 southbound approaching I-295 - Re-assign the lanes on I-95 south at the approach to I-295

Complete: I-95/I-295 lane re-assignment: I-95 northbound approaching I-295 - Re-assign the lanes on I-95 north at the approach to I-295

Complete: I-95/I-295 lane re-assignment: acceleration/deceleration lanes between Sliding Hill Road and Lewistown - Improve the I-95 acceleration and deceleration lanes between Sliding Hill Rd. (mm 86) and Lewistown Rd. (mm 89)

Complete: Bryan Park Interchange Improvements on I-95 north - Realign I-95 north lanes within the Bryan Park interchange near I-64 (located between Exits 78 and 80)

Complete: Intelligent transportation systems (ITS): fiber optic deployment along corridor - Add fiber optic installation and new traffic cameras from Sliding Hill Road (mm 86) to Lombardy Street (mm 77)


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Phase: Under construction

Lat/Long: 37.526035, -77.428440

Locality: Henrico

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