Recently Completed: Chesterfield - Winterpock Rd. (Rt. 603) Bridge Replacement

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The primary purpose of this recently completed project was to replace a bridge over Winterpock Creek. 

Built in 1945, the existing bridge was replaced by one which meets today's standards in materials, construction techniques, and durability. The new structure does not have a posted weight limit. The new bridge has a roadway width of 26 feet (2 x 10 feet lanes) and a length of 35 feet and 5 inches, approximately 7 feet wider and 12 feet longer than the previous structure.
The guardrail system was also updated and extended for improved safety. 


The project will replace the bridge at Winterpock Creek to meet today's standards and improve safety.


Contact Info:

Kevin O'Neill

Phase: Complete

UPC: 113640

State ID: 9999-964-581

Lat/Long: 37.346118,-77.7221897

Locality: Chesterfield

Page last modified: Aug. 24, 2020