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Amelia/Chesterfield - US 360 Arterial Preservation Plan

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
December 2019

Est Completion Date
Spring 2021

Kimley-Horn, Andy Nagle (804) 673-3882

Amelia and Chesterfield


Chris Detmer


The purpose of an Arterial Preservation Plan is to develop a holistic approach that identifies ways to ensure the safety and preserve the capacity of the Commonwealth’s arterial highway network without wide scale roadway widenings. This Arterial Preservation Plan has been requested to identify investment recommendations that will help preserve and enhance this key transportation corridor due to the important role it plays in the region as a significant tourism; freight and vital commuting corridor within the Richmond Region.

Final Report Now Available

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VDOT's Arterial Management Plans

VDOT's Arterial Preservation Program

Lengths and Limits

The study area extends along US 360 from the intersection of Winterpock Road in Chesterfield County to Holly Farms Road in Amelia County. The study area is approximately 30 miles in length.


Localities involved in the study include Amelia County; Chesterfield County and the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization.

Status/Current Activities

Traffic and crash data collection have been completed and the final report is now available here.

A site field review was conducted to identify safety and geometric deficiencies. Concepts for proposed recommendations have been developed based on public comments regarding the existing conditions of the corridor. An existing conditions analysis can be found here.

Draft Corridor Recommendations

Overview, Amelia County Sheets 1-3

Amelia County Sheets 4-8

Amelia County Sheets 9-12A

Amelia County Sheets 13-16

Amelia County Sheets 17-18, Chesterfield County Sheets 19-21

Chesterfield County Sheets 22-26

Chesterfield County Sheets 27-30

Intersection Alternatives:

Ashlake Parkway Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT)

Chula Road Safety and Access Management Improvements

Fox Club Parkway Median U-Turn

Fox Club Parkway Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT)

Fox Club Parkway Turn Lane Improvements

Goodes Bridge Road Access Management Improvements

Hancock Village Drive Thru-Cut

Magnolia Green Parkway Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT)

Magnolia Green Parkway Turn Lane Improvements

Otterdale Road Bowtie

Otterdale Road Turn Lane Improvements


Woodlake Village Parkway Eastbound Left Turn Removal

Woodlake Village Parkway Turn Lane Improvements

Public Involvement

The public had the opportunity to provide input regarding concerns along the study corridor via an online MetroQuest survey hosted from April-May 2020. Results from that survey can be found here. 

A second round of public input was collected and closed December 18, 2020.

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