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Please note: This is the webpage for the Fairfax County Parkway Widening North project (Nomes Court to Route 29), visit the Fairfax County Parkway and Popes Head Road Interchange and Fairfax County Parkway Widening South (Route 123 to Nomes Court) project webpages.

This project will widen about three miles of Fairfax County Parkway from four lanes to six between Nomes Court and Route 29 (Lee Highway).

The project will also construct noise walls in the area of the Route 29 interchange.

Fairfax County Parkway averages about 78,000 vehicles a day within the project limits.

Estimated Costs
Preliminary Engineering - $17.9 million
Right of Way Acquisition and Utility Relocation - $2.2 million
Construction - $90.8 million

Total: $110.9 million

The project is financed with federal, state (including Revenue Sharing), Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and local funding.


This project aims to reduce congestion and improve safety and traffic flow while maintaining bicyclist and pedestrian accessibility and mobility.

Major Milestones 

First Public Information Meeting - December 2017
Second Public Information Meeting (Series) - September/October 2018
Third Public Information Meeting - January 2019
Fourth Public Information Meeting - November 2019
Design Public Hearing - December 2019
Begin Right of Way Acquisition - December 2022
Advertise for Construction - Late 2023
Begin Construction - Mid-2024


Contact Info:

Sitaram Kodali, P.E.
Location & Design

Minwoo Ha, P.E.
Preliminary Engineering

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Meeting Materials and Displays: 

Environmental Assessment - November 2019

Natural Resources Report - November 2019

Air Quality Report - October 2019

Supplemental Archaeological Survey - Feb. 2019

Preliminary Noise Analysis - October 2018

Report, Figures, Appendices A-B and Appendices C-K

Cultural Resources Survey - August 2018

Hazardous Materials Report - April 2018

Fairfax County Department of Transportation Concept Plans - June 2013

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Phase: In Design

UPC: 107937

State ID: 0286-029-259, B628, B630, B631, B632, C501, D605, P101, R201

Federal ID: STP-5A01 (775), STP-5B01 (309)

Lat/Long: 38.820174, -77.349058

Locality: Fairfax

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