In Design: Wythe Creek Road (Route 172) Widening Project

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The current project design for the Wythe Creek Road (Route 172) Widening Project has been revised since the previous public hearing.

Plans include construction of new 1,544 foot bridge over the causeway to bring the roadway surface elevation above the 100-year flood plan and to ensure safe evacuation during tidal events. Additionally, construction will include intersection improvements at Cary’s Chapel Road, provide sidewalks for pedestrian accommodation and widen Wythe Creek Road (Route 172) to three lanes south of the Cary’s Chapel Road intersection for travel into Hampton.

The Wythe Creek Road (Route 172) project will encompass roadway widening from Langley Boulevard in the city of Hampton to approximately 700 feet north of Huntlandia Way in the city of Poquoson.

The average daily traffic (ADT) along Wythe Creek Road is approximately 16,000 vehicles per day.

Virtual Public Information Presentation

Materials from the virtual public information presentation for the Wythe Creek Road Widening Project can be reviewed  HERE  The official question and comment period related to the revised plans for this project concluded on December 3, 2020.  


The primary purpose of the project is to raise the existing causeway elevation for emergency evacuation and to widen the roadway to accommodate future traffic volumes. The project will begin in Hampton and continue through the causeway and into Poquoson.

The Hampton portion of the project includes widening Wythe Creek Road to three lanes, curb and gutter installation, and a 10-foot sidewalk to the east side of the expanded roadway. This project also includes widening the causeway and bridge over Wythe Creek.   In Hampton, the project provides a three lane reversible roadway, with two lanes being operated in the southbound direction in the AM peak hour, and two lanes in the northbound direction in the PM peak hour. The center lane will operate as a two way center left turn lane in the off peak hours.

In Poquoson, an 8-foot sidewalk will be constructed on the east side of the road and a 5-foot sidewalk will be constructed on the west side of the road from the Cary’s Chapel intersection to the northern project limit of the project approximately, 2000 feet south of Victory Boulevard. The existing two lanes will be retained north of Cary’s Chapel in Poquoson.

Major Milestones 

Notice to Proceed was issued to the design consultant in January 2013. Design is proceeding as scheduled.

The project is currently estimated to be advertised for construction in fall 2023. 

Estimated construction completion in fall 2026.


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Phase: In Design

UPC: 97715, 13427

Lat/Long: 37.096512, -76.392960

Locality: Hampton and Poquoson

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