Why Work at VDOT?

Two engineers, wearing hardhats, review documents at a job site.

Transportation needs innovators. At the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT),  we’re moving into the future with purpose. 

Consider some firsts taking place at VDOT: 

  • First using an online Dashboard so citizens can monitor our performance

  • A leader in public-private partnership contracts

  • The first knowledge management office for a department of transportation

  • VDOT University, the first comprehensive education center for a state agency

VDOT is always looking for the next new innovation and we provide the tools for new thinking with state of the art equipment that give our employees fresh insights. 

Be a part of a movement to change how we move – rethink transportation.

When the Government Performance Project rated the 50 states, Virginia was the only one with straight A’s across the board for managing: money, people, infrastructure and information. VDOT helped lead the way with maximizing transportation value for the public. 

This is an organization where heritage and a common cause bring us together. For more than 100 years, VDOT has built a legacy based on the passing of experiences through generations.

Build your own legacy – rethink your career.

Page last modified: Nov. 1, 2019