Transportation and Land Use

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Legislation and Regulations

During the 2012 session, the Virginia General Assembly approved legislation directing local comprehensive plans to include elements from state plans and programming documents and for VDOT to review the transportation plan sections of locality comprehensive plans.

Information on this requirement is contained in the “Local/state plan and program consistency” link above.

Also, during the 2011 session, the General Assembly approved legislation directing the Commonwealth Transportation Board and VDOT to revise access management regulations, the secondary street acceptance requirements and the traffic impact analysis regulations. These are all implemented by VDOT. 

The revised regulations became effective Dec. 31, 2011.

Major 2011 changes to the regulations: VDOT Land Use Regulations presentation

If you have questions or comments regarding the regulations, email

The planning and construction of new highways and transportation improvements affects existing land uses and plans for future development.

Types and pattern of development influence and impact travel patterns and demand for transportation facilities.

In Virginia, land use is the prerogative of local governments, while transportation decisions are generally made at the state level.

Improving the coordination between transportation and land-use planning is essential for ensuring mobility throughout the commonwealth.

VDOT works with various stakeholders to develop and implement regulations to improve the coordination between transportation and land-use planning in Virginia.

The goal of the regulations and informational resource is to provide a balanced and efficient transportation system for citizens of the commonwealth.



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