Broadband Coordination

VDOT is an active partner in the installation of broadband facilities in the state right-of-way. Potential providers must operate under a land use permit, and these are obtained through local VDOT land use offices.  A complete list of Land Use Permit application forms can be found here.

In some cases, such as installations in the limited access right-of-way, a Resource Sharing Agreement (RSA) may be needed. The provider should contact the VDOT Broadband Coordinator for assistance.

Star burst graphicOn December 3, 2021, FHWA published a new Broadband Infrastructure Deployment rule.  § 645.307(a) adds four new requirements to Section 607 of the MOBILE NOW Act. Under the new rules, VDOT must:

(1) Identify a broadband utility coordinator who is responsible for facilitating the infrastructure ROW efforts within the State. 

(2) Establish a registration process for broadband infrastructure entities who may be interested in installing facilities in conjunction with roadway projects.

(3) Notify broadband infrastructure companies identified under (2), on an annual basis, of the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) and provide other notifications as necessary

 (4) Coordinate these initiatives with other statewide telecommunication and broadband plans, state and local transportation plans and land use plans. 

For any additional questions, please contact the VDOT Broadband Utility Coordinator:

Jorg Huckabee-Mayfield,
Assistant Director
Office of Land Use 

Page last modified: Jan. 19, 2023