Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division of the Virginia Department of Transportation is composed of 10 sections:

Maintenance Division Sections



Manager Responsible administrator
Equipment 804-317-5266 Brian Marshall Robert Prezioso
Integrated Supply Service Program 804-729-6354 Robin Dolatowski Joe Williams
Maintenance contract management 804-786-0895 Clint Simpson Joe Williams
Maintenance Environmental Stewardship
804-786-0785 Martin Krebs Joe Williams.
Maintenance policy 804-729-6354 Robin Dolatowski  Joe Williams
MS4 / Stormwater  804-786-0735 Scott Crafton Joe Williams
Pavement 804-786-0870 Raja Shekharan Tanveer Chowdhury
Performance reporting 804-371-6832 John Einhorn Tanveer Chowdhury
Roadside management  804-786-0967 Brian Waymack Joe Williams
Roadway Inventory Management System 804-786-0757 Brack Dunn Tanveer Chowdhury
Safety Rest Areas   804-786-0668 Allen Campbell  Joe Williams

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  • Maintenance division administrator: Robert Prezioso
  • Tanveer Chowdhury, Assistant Division Administrator, State Infrastructure Systems Tanveer Chowdhury
  • Joe Williams, Assistant Division Administrator, Maintenance Programs Joseph Williams
  • Brian Marshall, Assistant Division Administrator, Equipment Fleet Brian Marshall



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