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Traffic Design

The Statewide Traffic Design and Operations Section is responsible for the development and design of Traffic Control Device (TCD) plans.  TCD's include signals, signs, pavement markers/markings, roadway lighting and traffic management systems (TMS).  
This Section also completes many different types of operational traffic analyses for design projects such as signal warrant analyses, traffic capacity analyses, and traffic micro-simulation studies.  This multi-disciplined group of dedicated individuals is responsible for designing in-house VDOT projects, as well as assists in the review of consultant designed projects.  It is also responsible for providing and maintaining plan development and design guidance included within the Traffic Engineering Design Manual. 


Federico Gontaruk, P.E., PTOE
State Traffic Design Program Manager
VDOT - Location & Design Division
1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, VA  23219 
(804) 343-9046


Paul Sarahan, P.E., PTOE
Traffic Design Team Leader

(804) 786-4457   
Changxuan Pan, P.E., PTOE
Traffic Design and Operations Team Leader

(804) 371-0254
Jon (Saeed) Sayyar, P.E.
Roadway Lighting Design Team Leader

(804) 786-0138 
Yue Liu, P.E.
Traffic Design Team Leader
(804) 692-0452


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