Location and Design Division

Location and Design Division 
Issued January 2005 - July 2022

Road Design Manual 

The most recent version of the Road Design Manual is presented. This version supersedes all previous versions and incorporates all previous revisions. All future revisions will be incorporated into this online version and detailed in the “Revisions” folder. Much of the information in this new edition has been shifted between chapters
to reflect the concurrent engineering process. There is also some shifting in page numbering. For example, page 2D-15 in the previous edition is now 2D-14.

The information provided in this electronic version of the Road Design Manual is a product of, and copyrighted by, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be sold or otherwise distributed for profit. Although this data has been tested by the Virginia Department of Transportation, no expressed or implied warranties are made by VDOT concerning, the accuracy, completeness, reliability and usability of this information. The Virginia Department of Transportation assumes no responsibility for any incorrect outcomes or damage resulting from the use of this information. All users shall expressly hold the Virginia Department of Transportation harmless from any liability or loss due to a virus or any other computer or software generated problem associated with these files.





Chapter 1A


Chapter 1B


Chapter 1C

Geographic Locations

Chapter 1D

Concurrent Engineering Process

Chapter 1E

Quality Control

Chapter 2A

Project Development

Chapter 2B 

Initial Roadway Investigation & Preliminary Field Inspection

Chapter 2C

Preliminary Design

Chapter 2D 

Plan Design

Chapter 2E

Field Inspection

Chapter 2F Right of Way Plan Development
Chapter 2G  Construction Plans
Chapter 2H Sample Plan Sheets




Appendix A1

Geometric Design Standards

Appendix A2

Clear Zone - Lateral Offset Guidelines

Appendix A3

Innovative Intersection & Interchange Design Guidelines

Appendix A4

Guidelines for RRR Projects

Appendix A5

Bicycle and Pedestrian Guidelines

Appendix A6

Airport Clearance Requirements

Appendix A7

No Plans & Minimum Plan Projects

Appendix A8

Sequence of Construction Transportation Management Plans

Appendix A(1)

VDOT Complete Streets: Bicycle & Pedestrian Facility Guidelines, Bus Stop Design & Parking Guidelines 

Appendix B 

Subdivision Street Design Guide (SSR)
 (After July 1, 2009 Used Only For Grandfathered Developments)

Appendix B(1)

Subdivision Street Design Guide (SSAR) (Effective July 1, 2009)

Appendix B(2) 

Multimodal Design Standards For Mixed-Use Urban Centers

Appendix C

Design Data

Appendix D 

Quantity Tables

Appendix E 

Concurrent Engineering Constructability Review Guidelines

Appendix F  

Access Management Design Standards For Entrances and Intersections

Appendix G

Reserved: See Appendix F For The Access Management Standards

Appendix H  VDOT Design-Build Preliminary Engineering Guide
Appendix  I  Traffic Barrier Installation Criteria
Appendix J Traffic Barrier Installation Criteria (MASH)

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Note: Reference to all Metric Units have been removed. 

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