Location and Design Division

Location and Design Division
Issued September 2022 

2016 Road and Bridge Standards

The following links will take you to the table of contents for each section of the Road and Bridge Standards.

Each table lists the name, page number, and title of each standard contained in that section. 

The notes column are used to provide specific directions for this page of the standard, if needed, and for revision notification of the standard page.  

 Road and Bridge Standards Descriptions
Complete manuals

The complete manuals, volumes 1 and 2, may be downloaded and printed. The manuals have been formatted to print two-sided in a landscape orientation
Volume I (29.0 MB)
Volume II (18.0 MB)
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Section 100: Drainage
Pipe bedding, underdrains, erosion control items, stormwater management details, end walls, drop inlets, manholes, junction boxes

Complete section

Section 200: Curbs, Median and Entrances
Median curb, entrances, curb, curb and gutter

Complete section

Section 300: Pavement Items
Bridge approach expansion joint, rumble strips, plain concrete pavement, reinforced concrete pavement

Complete section

Section 400: Retaining Walls
Crib walls, retaining walls

Complete section

Section 500: Guardrails, Fences and Markers
Median barrier, fence, right of way monuments, guardrail, fixed object attachments, installation criteria

Complete section

Section 600: Miscellaneous Design and Tables
Median crossovers, sight distance tables, steps and handrails, private entrances

Complete section

Section 700: Geometric Design
Grading side slopes

Complete section
Section 800: Transition Curves
Superelevation tables, rural and urban transition curves
Complete section
Section 1000: Box Culverts
Wing wall details, box culverts
Complete section
Section 1100: Miscellaneous Structure and Bridge Standards Complete section
Section 1200: Landscape
Tree wells, rubble retaining walls, planting details, tree walls
Complete section
Section 1300: Traffic Control Devices
Junction boxes, sign structures, pavement marking details, lighting pole details, signal pole details, pedestrian signal details
Complete section
Section 1400: Utilities
Concrete / steel encasement pipe, sanitary sewer manholes, utility bedding, reaction blocks
Complete section
Standard reinforcing bars, conversion factors
Complete section


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