Cost Estimation Office

The Cost Estimation Office was established in January 2021 by the Chief Engineer to support VDOT’s Department-wide focus on cost estimating.

The purpose of the Cost Estimation Office is to enhance VDOT’s cost estimating practices to best align with the business needs through the development and implementation of statewide policies, procedures and training.          

Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip and enable VDOT personnel and business partners with leading cost estimating practices, philosophies, approaches and tools.     

VDOT's Mission and Values

Cost Estimation Office Team 

Mitch Ball, PE LS DBIA
Director, Cost Estimation Office
VDOT Cost Estimation Office
1401 E. Broad St. Richmond, Virginia 23219
Ray Johnston, PE 
Senior Cost Estimator  
Harold Caples, PE CCM VCCO
Senior Cost Estimator
Allan Yue, PhD, PE
Senior Cost Estimator

Chanee L. Moroh, VCA, VCARM
Business Analyst  



To support the development of consistent and reliable project cost estimates for VDOT’s construction and maintenance projects that represent current trends, market conditions and risk contingencies, in accordance with industry standards. Continuous measured improvement in the reliability of cost estimates on VDOT managed and VDOT funded projects across the capital program.

The Office achieves this mission and these goals by: 
Teaming - Working closely with the Districts and Central Office Divisions on effective and efficient policies and procedures to enable consistency and reliability of estimates across the Commonwealth. 
Training - Developing, updating, and providing high quality training in all aspects of cost estimating. 

Tools - Developing and regularly updating VDOT’s Cost Estimating Manual to drive consistency in the cost estimating process. Providing access to appropriate cost estimating tools for the level of estimate being developed. Implement and expand the use of advanced analytics. 

Trends - Identifying metrics to continuously monitor performance and enhance future estimates. Proactive tracking of external market conditions that have the potential to impact project estimates and budgets.   

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of VDOT’s Cost Estimation Office are:

  • Development, implementation, and refinement of effective and efficient statewide cost estimation policies
  • Staff training
  • VDOT’s Estimating Manual
  • Consistency in cost estimates statewide    

Business Objectives

Through the establishment of the Cost Estimation Office, VDOT is focused on developing reliable cost estimates with the following objectives in mind:

Department-wide priority on estimating, managing, and controlling costs:
Fully developed and uniform policies, processes, and tools for cost estimation consolidated in the Cost Estimating Manual

Reliable estimates:
Well-documented and complete cost estimates; Clearly documented assumptions, risks, and uncertainties that can be easily communicated

Commonwealth-wide uniformity and consistency:
Uniform application and consistent statewide use of well-documented processes, tools, and templates

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