Contingent Letting Policy

July 13, 2018

This policy allows for catastrophic technology events such as the failure of a major Internet service provider as well as weather or travel related threats. Such events must be reported to the State Contract Engineer Office immediately at (804) 371-0661. The State Contract Engineer will, at his sole discretion, decide when the policy will be invoked. The decision will be posted on the Construction and Maintenance Contracting website at www.VirginiaDOT.Org/business/const as soon as possible.
The Contingent Letting Policy shall be used in the event that the VDOT Central Office is closed due to inclement weather, catastrophic travel events, or if either party experiences catastrophic technology or other unforeseen events that would prohibit the submission of a bid. The receipt and reading of bids will be delayed seven days from the original date, at the same time and place. The contingent date will appear in the Notice of Advertisement for Bids, each month.

Page last modified: Dec. 5, 2022