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On occasion, products come to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for evaluation that are not covered by specifications, plans, or other department standards.

In such instances, vendors should submit a new products application.

The new products committee evaluates these items.

The committee is composed of members from each of the divisions in the department. Meetings are held twice a year.

Vendors are asked to supply the committee with product information and samples.

It is not necessary to submit a new products application if your product is covered by VDOT specifications and / or standards. To verify your product is covered by VDOT specifications and/or standards, refer to:

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Additional Information:
  • Asphalt Release Agents (ARA)
    VDOT requires the recent NTPEP test results according to the MOI 209.09. All the information must be submitted to Candice Entwisle
  • Concrete Pipe Producers, Concrete Precast Producers, Corrugated Metal Pipe Producers
    Contact Keith Williams, 804-328-3135 for information.


Page last modified: July 27, 2023