Virginia's Highway System

VDOT operates the third largest state-maintained highway system in the country, just behind North Carolina and Texas.

The 57,867-mile state-maintained system is divided into these categories:

  • Interstate - 1,118 miles of four-to-ten lane highways that connect states and major cities
  • Primary - 8,111 miles of two-to-six-lane roads that connect cities and towns with each other and with interstates
  • Secondary - 48,305 miles of local connector or county roads. These generally are numbered 600 and above. Arlington and Henrico counties maintain their own county roads.
  • Frontage - 333 miles of frontage roads

A separate system includes 10,561 miles of urban streets, maintained by cities and towns with the help of state funds.

Virginia's cities are independent of its counties. 

Henrico County (1,279 miles) and Arlington County (359 miles) maintain their own roads with VDOT funds.

There is an additional 39 miles of toll roads maintained by others. 

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Page last modified: Nov. 1, 2019