VDOT's Budget

VDOT’s Revised Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

The Revised Fiscal Year 2022 budget for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) identifies the estimated revenues and the distribution of the revenues to the related transportation programs.

It is based on the interim state revenue forecast from February 2021, estimated federal funding, and the addition of actual FY 2021 revenues in excess of the budget pursuant to § 33.2-1527 of the Code of Virginia. 

The Revised VDOT Budget for FY 2022 totals $7,573,496,312, a 4.8% increase over the FY 2022 VDOT Budget of $7,228,887,690 and an 8.3% increase from the FY 2021 Budget of $6,992,613,613.

The breakdown:

  • $387.4 million – Debt service
  • $2.2 billion – Road maintenance and operations (includes city and county street payments)
  • $665.7 million – Support to other agencies, tolls, administration and other programs
  • $216.4 million – Public Transportation and Rail
  • $3.3 billion – Construction
  • $752.8 million – Funding dedicated to Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads and Central Virginia Regions for local and regional transportation projects

$7.6 billion – Total VDOT annual budget

Reference:  Historical Commonwealth Transportation Fund and VDOT Budgets


Page last modified: Jan. 7, 2022