Virginia Department of Transportation Leadership

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Central Office

Commissioner: Stephen C. Brich, P.E.

Chief Deputy Commissioner: Robert H. Cary, P.E., L.S.

Chief Engineer: Barton A. Thrasher, P.E.

Deputy Chief Engineer: Mohammad Mirshahi, P.E.

Chief Financial Officer: Laura Farmer

Chief of Policy: Richard L. Walton

Chief of Administration: Lisa M. Pride

Chief of Technology and Business Strategy: Robert Osmond

Chief of Maintenance and Operations: Kevin Gregg


District Engineers / Administrators

Bristol: Donald “Donny” Necessary, Jr. 

Culpeper: Sean Nelson, P. E.

Fredericksburg: Marcie Parker P.E.

Hampton Roads: Christopher G. Hall P.E.

Lynchburg: Christopher L. Winstead P.E.

Northern Virginia: John D. Lynch P.E.

Richmond: Shane Mann, P.E.

Salem:  Ken H. King P.E.

Staunton: Randy S. Kiser P.E.

James S. Utterback PMP, project director, Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project

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The commissioner's staff is composed of six chiefs of the Virginia Department of Transportation's (VDOT) divisions, nine district administrators and an inspector general.


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