Recently Completed: Warren County - Route 624 (Morgan Ford Road) Roadway Work

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This project included extensive improvements to the Route 624 (Morgan Ford Road) southern approach to the Morgan Ford bridge over the Shenandoah River. The project location is about 0.2-mile north of the intersection of Route 643 (Howellsville Road).

The southern approach to the Morgan Ford bridge had been repeatedly damaged by high water since completion of the bridge replacement in May 2018. This rehabilitation used metal sheet pilings and large stone to stabilize and strengthen the roadway and roadbed.

During construction, the portion of Route 624 between Route 643 and Route 661 (Fairground Road) was closed to through traffic. Property owners on either side of the Morgan Ford bridge maintained access to their properties.


This project is intended to help prevent roadway damage from future flood events, which will also minimize the time Route 624 is closed to traffic.


Contact Info:

Robert Good, P.E.

UPC: 114899

State ID: 0624-093-823,N501

Lat/Long: 38.957632, -78.121874

Locality: Warren

Page last modified: April 6, 2020