Coming Soon: Rockingham County – Route 682 (Friedens Church Road) Pleasant Run Bridge and Roadway


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This project replaces the Route 682 bridge over Pleasant Run in Rockingham County.  The current structure built in 1945 is deficient and is nearing the end of its service life.  To the east of the bridge is a railroad crossing.  The terrain contains curves and hills.

This project is about 0.4-mile long and extends from 0.2-mile west of Route 867 to 0.2-mile east of Route 867.

The alignment of the new bridge will be shifted slightly to the south, but will occupy the same general footprint of the existing bridge. The new bridge will be will be 40 feet wide and approximately 50 feet long, with two 12-foot travel lanes and eight-foot shoulders. The roadway will be leveled out at the railroad crossing. Curves on Route 682 will also be improved. The intersections with Route 867 and Route 989 will be improved

Project plans are anticipated to receive approval in spring 2015. Right of way activities will begin in summer 2016 with construction advertisement in early 2021.

During the bridge replacement work, traffic will be detoured on a three-mile detour utilizing Route 867 (North River Road) to Route 11 (Lee Highway), and Route 257 (Friedens Church Road).

In 2014 Route 682 had an average daily traffic count of 3043 vehicles per day.  By the design year of 2040 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 3500 vehicles per day. 

The total estimated cost for this project is $6,433,484, including $949,000 for preliminary engineering, $851,788 for right of way and $4,632,696 for construction.

*Portions of this project were selected for funding under SMART SCALE, the new prioritization process as outlined in House Bill Two.  Click here for more information on the prioritization process.


This project provides a two-lane new bridge that enhances safety and that can support the weight of modern vehicles. It replaces an aging bridge which has reached the end of its service life.


Contact Info:

Alexander Alvarado

UPC: 13285

State ID: 0682-082-290,P101, P106, R201, M501, B680

Federal ID: STP-082-8(025), BR-082-8(026)

Lat/Long: 38.352500, -78.919167

Locality: Rockingham

Page last modified: April 15, 2021