Recently Completed: Rockingham County – C Street and North Terrace Avenue Town of Elkton

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This project is located on C Street and on North Terrace Avenue in the Town of Elkton in Rockingham County.  Improvements include a new five-foot wide sidewalk within the existing state-owned right of way.  Sidewalk was constructed on the north side of C Street between North Terrace Avenue and North Stuart Avenue (Route 340). Sidewalk was also constructed on the west side of North Terrace Avenue between C Street and D Street. A six-foot unpaved area is located adjacent to the sidewalks and separates them from the road.

A pedestrian crossing has been marked along C Street at its intersection with North Stuart Avenue (Route 340).  Flashing yellow pedestrian crossing lights were installed. These lights are active only during school hours.

On B Street sidewalk ramps were constructed at intersections between Terrace Avenue and Ashby Avenue.

In 2019 C Street had an average daily traffic count of 150 vehicles per day.  By the design year of 2027 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 156 vehicles per day.

The total estimated cost for this project is $370,525, including $20,000 for preliminary engineering, $10,000 for right of way and $340,525 for construction.  Advertisement for construction is fall of 2020.


This project provides sidewalk for the Virginia Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Program.  The sidewalk project will enhance pedestrian access to Elkton Elementary School.


Contact Info:

S. Mitchell Ball, P.E.

UPC: 112547

State ID: U000-216-125,P101, R201, N501

Federal ID: STP-5216(006)

Lat/Long: 38.411511, -78.622524

Locality: Rockingham

Page last modified: May 6, 2020