Recently Completed: Augusta County -- Route 616 (Dam Town Road)


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The Route 616 (Dam Town Road) reconstruction project consisted of shoulder widening and roadside improvements, pipe replacements and drainage upgrades, as well as brush and tree removal for improved sight distance.

The project also included complete pavement re-surfacing for the entire 2.02 miles, new permanent signs and pavement markings.

As of the year 2014, Route 616 has an average traffic count of 1,017 vehicles a day. The projected traffic volume in the year 2029 is 1,090 vehicles a day.

During the design phase of this project, the estimated cost was $3,979,113 which includes $1,216,181 for preliminary engineering, $1,595,670 for right of way and $1,167,262 for construction.

*This project was selected for funding under SMART SCALE, the new prioritization process as outlined in House Bill Two.  Click here for more information on the prioritization process.


The main focus of this project was to enhance driver safety along the project corridor.  Route 616 provides a main thoroughfare for school traffic, serving three Augusta County public schools within a very close proximity.


Contact Info:

S. Mitchell Ball, P.E.

UPC: 80271

State ID: 0616-007-450,P101, R201, M501

Federal ID: STP-007-8(074)

Lat/Long: 38.234722, -78.965833

Locality: Augusta

Page last modified: May 2, 2019