In Design: Alleghany County – Route 661 (Midland Trail) - Bridge Replacement Over Ogle Creek

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This project is located on Route 661 (Midland Trail/Ogle Creek Road) and will replace the two-lane bridge and approaches over Ogle Creek located 0.50 mile east of Interstate 64, exit 7 in Alleghany County. The new bridge will consist of a reinforced concrete deck slab supported on steel or prestressed concrete beams with concrete railings.

The project runs along Route 661 about one-third of a mile east of Route 709 (Midland Trail).

Approximately 50 feet of the Route 661 roadway approaches on either side of the existing bridge will be will be reconstructed. The Route 719 (Bellegray Lane) entrance next to the bridge will be relocated about 100 feet west to improve turning movements and allow installation of guardrail.

Route 661 primarily serves low-density residential and agricultural land. The existing right of way is approximately 25-feet off the existing roadway centerline. A viable detour route for this project is not available.

VDOT historical data reports an annual average daily traffic (AADT) of 1500 (2010) vehicles per day with 4% truck traffic. Significant future growth is not anticipated.

The total estimated cost for this project is $3,523,704 with $430,765 for preliminary engineering, $95,387 for right of way activities, and $2,997,552 for construction.


This project will provide a new bridge structure that can support modern day traffic for vehicle weights and widths.


Contact Info:

Ashraf Antonius

UPC: 90492

State ID: 0661-003-620,P101, R201, B634

Federal ID: BR-661-8(002), BR-661-8(003), BR-661-8(004)

Lat/Long: 37.816389, -80.106111

Locality: Alleghany

Page last modified: July 31, 2019