Recently Completed: Route 17 Business (Main Street), Route 14, and Route 3 Intersection Improvements


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This intersection improvement project was intended to reduce driver delay at the intersection of Route 3/Route 14 (John Clayton Memorial Highway) and Route 17 Business (Main Street) in Gloucester County. 

Route 17 Business traffic now has dual left turn lanes and dual right turn lanes to turn onto Route 3/14.

On Route 3/14, the traffic pattern approaching Route 17 Business was changed to allow for dual left turns southbound. One of the left turn lanes became a shared lane, and allows traffic to turn left, proceed straight across, or turn right.

New sidewalks with handicapped-accessible ramps, crosswalks, and traffic signal equipment for pedestrian crossings were installed at the intersection.

The project contractor was Shamrock Construction Corporation of Hampton, Va.


  • Enhance pedestrian travel at intersection
  • Reduce congestion and driver delays at intersection


Phase: Recently Completed

Lat/Long: 37.412299, -76.520150

Locality: Gloucester

Page last modified: April 13, 2021