Recently Completed: Route 17/Route 17 Business Intersection


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This project enhanced travel for pedestrians in Gloucester County at the northern intersection of Route 17 and Route 17 Business (Main Street), and between this intersection and McFadden Way.

The $950,000 project, funded through Virginia’s SMART SCALE program, was substantially completed in March 2021. During summer 2021, final traffic signal equipment for the pedestrian crossing will be installed. 

The project enhances safety and provides new pedestrian access between residential areas, commercial destinations and employment centers in this area.

Six new crosswalks were built at various points at these two intersections, and they connect to 1,100 feet of new sidewalk with handicapped-accessible ramps. Two concrete islands, also known as a pedestrian refuge, were built to provide a protected location for pedestrians to stand while crossing Route 17. 


  • Improves pedestrian travel at intersection by adding additional crossing equipment, crosswalks, and a pedestrian refuge area. 


Phase: Recently completed

UPC: 109470, 109471

Lat/Long: 37.417128, -76.542598

Locality: Gloucester

Page last modified: Oct. 8, 2021