Recently Completed: Route 17 Southbound Bridge over Dragon Run

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This bridge rehabilitation project was completed on Oct. 1, 2021, and both lanes of Route 17 southbound are now open to traffic. 

The project improved the condition of the Route 17 southbound bridge over Dragon Run at the Middlesex and Gloucester county line. The project included improvements to the bridge superstructure and reconstruction of the existing bridge approach on Route 17 southbound. 

The Route 17 bridge over Dragon Run was previously identified as structurally deficient, which qualified the rehabilitation project as a candidate project to be funded by the State of Good Repair program. 


The Route 17 southbound bridge over Dragon Run Swamp now has a new superstructure that is slightly wider. 

Improved approach to bridge on Route 17 southbound. 


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Major funding source: State and Federal funding

Phase: Recently completed

UPC: 110110

State ID: 0017-059-611,P101,R201,M501,B609

Federal ID: STP-059-6 (020)

Lat/Long: 37.595190, -76.664260

Locality: Middlesex

Page last modified: Oct. 7, 2021