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Piedmont Avenue Bridge Study (City of Bristol, Virginia)

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Begin Date
Summer 2019

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Blake Ailor

What's Being Done?

VDOT is conducting a study of the Piedmont Avenue bridge over Beaver Creek as part of an inspection and evaluation recently conducted by the City of Bristol, Virginia. The bridge extends from a location approximately 200 feet north of Sycamore Street to a location approximately 100 feet south of State Street.

The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate the Piedmont Avenue bridge replacement alternatives and their respective impact on travel patterns and/or roadway and intersection operations as well as identify and prioritize a list of improvements that can be ultimately programmed into the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP).

Depending upon the proposed or preferred Piedmont Avenue bridge improvement alternatives, as well as program guidelines, policy, and eligibility, the study is also intended to allow the locality to apply for alternative funding sources through such programs as VDOT State of Good Repair. This framework document outlines the scope of work and associated assumptions for the traffic operations and alternatives analyses. The assumptions used in this framework document align with the standards and guidance from VDOT’s Traffic Operations and Safety Analysis Manual (TOSAM).

It is anticipated that the VDOT study will consist of:

1) Direct and continuous coordination with City of Bristol staff and their structural engineer

2) Traffic volume data collection at agreed upon study area intersections and along select roadway/street segments

3) Concept sketch development of roadway network and roadway segment typical section alternatives

4) Evaluating the influence and/or impact various bridge and/or roadway network modification alternatives have on traffic operations, mobility, safety, and accessibility.

5) Preparing an alternatives evaluation decision table that will present pros, cons, and findings for each alternative.

6) Preparing a Transportation Mobility Alternatives Analysis Study in the format of a technical memorandum that documents:

a. The alternatives analysis process (i.e., up to three (3) network alternatives)

b. The preferred Piedmont Avenue roadway and bridge infrastructure improvement alternative(s) that will sustain acceptable levels of traffic circulation, flow, and operations on the downtown street network

c. The identification of preferred roadway and bridge infrastructure improvement alternative(s) that are practical, fundable and implementable through available funding sources.


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