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Moccasin Bypass Study (Scott County)

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Completed in early 2019




Blake Ailor

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The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) completed a study in 2019 that will be used as a detailed planning tool for Scott County, Gate City, the Kingsport, Tenn. Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and VDOT to assist with identifying and prioritizing feasible transportation improvement projects that can be implemented to enhance the flow and safety of traffic operations through the region.

The study verified operational constraints and safety issues along the described study area corridor/route and then developed, identified, and prioritized a list of improvements that mitigate existing constraints. The preferred improvements will ultimately be programmed into the VDOT’s Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP), and/or allow the locality to apply for alternative funding sources through such programs as SMART Scale or the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

The Moccasin Gap Corridor connects areas of southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee through the Clinch Mountains and operates as only one of two natural passes within 30 miles of each other. The corridor includes U.S. Route 58/U.S. Route 23 as it passes through the Moccasin Gap.

The study area corridor consists of a variety of roadway typical sections (e.g., two-lane, three-lane, and four-lane divided) and with a range of functional classifications (e.g., major collector, minor arterial, and principal arterial/freeway).

Additionally, U.S. Route 58 is designated as a Corridor of Statewide Significance (CoSS), as well as a Mobility Enhancement Segment (MES) per the VDOT Arterial Preservation Program (APP) further emphasizing the importance of this corridor at the local and state levels. This corridor serves three schools and several high activity commercial areas in Gate City. A significant volume of railway freight is also transported parallel to/over U.S. Route 58/U.S. Route 23.

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