In Design: Corridor Q - Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase B (Buchanan County)

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Proposed Route 460/121 - Poplar Creek Phase B construction will include a new two-lane roadway with climbing lanes as needed and a bridge over the railroad and the Levisa Fork. The bridge will be 220-feet tall, making it the second tallest bridge in Virginia. Route 460/121 Poplar Creek B completes Corridor Q  in Virginia. The project is approximately two miles long.

VDOT's most recent Six-Year Improvement Program, approved in December 2020 by the Commonwealth Transportation Board, includes $174 million in funding for Route 460/121 Poplar Creek Phase B. The project is currently valued at approximately $200 million (preliminary engineering, right of way, project oversight and construction).

Preliminary engineering is currently underway. A virtual location and design public meeting is anticipated to occur Spring 2021. Once the design is approved, right of way acquisition will begin. Construction is anticipated to begin 2021, with the roadway anticipated to open in 2025.


Route 460/121 will provide a modern and safe transportation system for the area and provide better access to health care, open the region for economic development and improve interstate commerce. Additionally, motorists should see a significant reduction of travel times.


Contact Info:

Laura Beth Hale, Project Manager

Major funding source: Federal funds

Phase: In Design

UPC: T23462

Lat/Long: 37.273889, -82.164722

Locality: Buchanan

Page last modified: April 16, 2021