Value Engineering


All Value Engineering (VE) studies follow the VE Methodology/Job Plan. VE uses creative thinking to develop innovative ideas and emphasizes improving project quality, eliminating unnecessary cost and reducing overall life-cycle cost.

Value Engineering Job Plan

Identification of projects for VE study, and select specific projects to achieve:

  • Maximum value
  • Quality improvements (Environmental, operational performance and constructability)
  • Energy savings and
  • Other benefits, such as a shorter construction schedule

An important part of this phase is the selection of VE team.


Acquisition of knowledge of design to be studied, determine its basic functions, and assess its major functions, cost and relative worth.

Brainstorm functions of design elements isolated by the investigation and develop alternatives for each.

Analysis of speculation results and selection of ideas for further study.

Collection of additional data to analyze the best alternatives selected during the evaluation and preparation of cost estimates and initial designs that ensure acceptability and ultimate project implementation.

Presentation of recommended alternatives to decision makers for their consideration and potential approval.

Ensure approved recommendations are rapidly and properly translated into action to achieve savings of proposed project improvements.

Page last modified: Nov. 1, 2019